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What is a Local Sponsor?

The Gorbals Ideas Fund Community Panel is dedicated to bringing amazing, new ideas to the Gorbals. We know that great things are happening across Glasgow, things that could really benefit all of us living in the Gorbals, but we also want to make sure the money we have stays in our community so we've developed the Local Sponsor process.

If you don't live or aren't based in the Gorbals you can use a Local Sponsor to support you application. By naming a local sponsor we know that you have a link to the Gorbals, a way of connecting with people who might benefit from your idea and a source of local knowledge - all of the things that are important when launching a new idea.

Your local sponsor can be someone who lives in the Gorbals or a group, project or organisation based in the Gorbals and is willing to help you engage with the community.

For more information download an application pack or call Jo on 0141 429 3900.

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