Gorbals Ideas Fund Community Panel

All Gorbals Ideas Fund Community Panel members live in the local area. Some have lived here all their lives, whilst others are more recent additions to our community. The one thing Panel members have in common is an interest in the Gorbals and a shared ambition to make it the best possible place to live for everyone!

The Community Panel meet twice a month to design, develop and deliver different activities that give local people much more control over funding and budgeting decisions. We talk about the problems and challenges we and others face and what sort of action we could take to make a difference.

We are all about trying new things, testing ideas and being as creative as we possibly can whilst making sure we:

  1. Create opportunities for local people to get more involved in decision making.

  2. Listen to people's experiences and views to find out what they want and need from the Gorbals.

  3. Talk to people, giving them information about what's happening in the Gorbals and letting them know how they can get more involved.

  4. Help people have their voices heard and have a say in the decisions and developments that affect them and our community.

  5. Improve our community by making sure local people are at the very heart of making the Gorbals the best possible place to live - for everyone!

You don't need any particular skills, training or experience to join the panel, you just have to want to make a positive difference to our community!


Get in touch with us here to find out more or call Jo on 0141 429 3900.

Current Members

Scott Chase

Scott has been a resident of the Gorbals since 2004 (minus a few years away in Denmark). He's lived in a number of places around the world and always likes to be involved in his community. Scott is also a member of the Gorbals History Group and Hutchesontown Community Council. Outwith the Gorbals, he is active in the Jewish and LGBT communities.

Scott has been a member of the Community Panel from the beginning, and with its predecessor project Spirit of the Gorbals.

Heather McArthur

Heather lives in the Oatlands area of the Gorbals. She's very active in her community and is a member of Glasgow Disability Alliance.

Heather joined the Community Panel after attending an GDA event that explored  how Participatory Budgeting could support better services and infrastructure for disabled people.

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Pauline Freeman
Ewelina Zajac

Ewelina joined the Gorbals Ideas Fund shortly after moving into the area last year.


In her words 'It's the only area in Glasgow where you feel like a family member.'  Being part of the Community Panel gives her a chance to meet and work with various people, but also share her passion for the environment and its management.


Ewelina currently works as a Park Ranger in Loch Lomond and Trossachs so head her way for some good nature talks.

Trisha Ingram

Trisha Ingram has been active in the community for over 30 years. She lives in the Riverside Community and is active in the Hutchesontown Community Council.

Trisha has found a real passion for Participatory Budgeting and enjoys attending workshops, conferences and events to represent the communities needs and wants for Participatory Budgeting in Scotland.

Melissa Gillen

Melissa has lived in the Oatlands Community for 30 years. She has always been active in the area, delivering activities for young people through the Oatlands Community Centre. 


Melissa is a health and wellbeing practitioner and is just about to start a Degree in Community Development. 

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Zsara McEwan
Kim Logan

Kim is a Youth Development Worker with the YMCA in Renfrew and has worked in the local Gorbals Community for the last 8 years. She has just finished an honours degree in Community Education and is applying for her Masters.

Kim was initially part of Young Deciders, part of the Spirit of the Gorbals and got involved in the Community Panel to encourage young people's voices to be heard.

Joyce Templeton

Joyce has lived in the Gorbals all her life and since her children were born has volunteered in a variety of roles across the community. 


Joyce also worked in the community and continues to volunteer where she can. Joyce was part of the Spirit of the Gorbals Project and joined the Gorbals Ideas Fund to continue to help make the area a better place to live, wherever she can.

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Eddie Brown
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Asmaa Agha

Panel Support

Jo Speirs

The Community Panel are supported on a day-to-day basis by Jo Speirs, Community Budgeting Officer based at New Gorbals Housing Association.

Jo has worked with communities for over 20 years and has experience in working with groups to develop research, education and advocacy projects. She's very passionate about citizen participation and thinks Participatory Budgeting has the potential to bring huge benefits to communities across Scotland.