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The Gorbals Ideas Fund has grown and evolved over the last four years and the role of our community volunteers has changed too. From May 2022 the Gorbals Ideas Fund Community Panel will be known as Community Advocates.


Community Advocates are focused on engaging, encouraging and empowering local people to get involved in the decisions that affect their lives and their community.


Community Advocates live in the Gorbals, some have lived here for many years, whilst others are quite new to the area, but the one thing they share is a desire to play their part in making the Gorbals the best possible place to live, for everyone.



Community Advocates volunteer for around 3 hours each week to help progress the aims and objectives of the Gorbals Ideas Fund Strategy. 


Weekly activity can involve:

  • Community Advocate Group Meetings where we discuss and develop actions that will engage local people, groups and charities in our work;

  • Designing, developing and testing new ways to give people more control over the funding and budgeting decisions that affect the Gorbals;

  • Working with local people individually to help them develop ideas that could bring much needed activities and events to the area; and

  • Facilitating conversations that turn ideas into collective, community efforts.


Community Advocates are committed to:

  1. Create opportunities for local people to get more involved in decision making and driving activity in the Gorbals.

  2. Listening to people's ideas, experiences and opinions to better understand what they want and need from the Gorbals.

  3. Talking to people, giving them information about what's happening in the Gorbals and letting them know how they can get more involved.

  4. Helping people have their voices heard and have a say in the decisions and developments that affect them and our community.

  5. Improving our community by making sure local people are at the very heart of making the Gorbals the best possible place to live - for everyone!

We are currently recruiting for Community Advocates, if you'd like to join us check download our Recruitment Pack here.

What do Community Advocates Do?

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