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Your Projects

Since April 2018 you have voted to fund 68 different ideas from 40 different projects and local people. Hover over the photos below to find out more about the work you've made possible!

Adelphi Nursery .jpg
Adelphi Nursery

Adelphi Nursery has provided child care in the Gorbals for over 40 years. 


You've supported Adlephi Nursery on two occasions. Most recently, in July 2021, voting to support their idea to reconnect families through events, activities and learning in their outdoor space.

You can find out more about Adelphi Nursery here.


DAWSUN is a Gorbals based charity offering support to New Scots families, particularly women from the African community and their families.

In July 2021 you voted to support their Reconnect and Recharge idea which will be open to all families in the Gorbals and offer them opportunities to get fit and have fun, whilst celebrating our diverse community!

7 - Silverfir Super Seniors.JPG
Silverfir Super Seniors

Silverfir Super Seniors represent the tenants living in Silverfir 50+ accommodation.

In July 2021 you voted to support their idea which will see them transform their communal outside space into a safe, pleasant and usable area that will bring people together to reconnect and build friendships after Covid 19.

Team Jinky

Team Jinky is a group of local people who train and run together. They take part in fun runs and charity races.

Over the last 4 years Team Jinky has raised over £30,000 for good causes including the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice and local people experiencing ill-health. 


They like to be identified as a team, so asked you to award them £500.00 for new t-shirts...and you did!


Gorbals Imagination Library

With your support the Gorbals Imagination Library were able to expand their programme of free books to all Gorbals children aged 0 to 5.

Gorbals Imagination Library is a partnership between New Gorbals Housing Association, TASK Childcare, Giggle n Grow and Dolly Parton's Imagination Library to gift children a free book each month from the day they are born!

St Francis
Primary School

You have voted to support 2 ideas from St Francis Primary School, supporting their outdoor learning plans.

With the funds you've awarded St Francis have taken steps to improve their playgrounds and outdoor spaces, giving families the chance to learn together and enjoy the outdoors.

Oatlands Community Council

Oatlands Community Council asked you for funds to deliver cultural celebration events across 2020 to bring the Oatlands community together.

They deliverd Chinese New Year/Burns Night celebrations in January and Diwali events that will include crafting workshops and commmunity meals.

Happy Mind Coach

Melissa Gillen has lived in the Oatlands community for over 30 years. She's a fully qualified health and wellbeing coach and wanted to bring her skills to the local community.

You voted to award Melissa £500 to host a variety of sessions and taster classes.

To stay up to date with these activities why not follow Melissa here.

STEM in the Gorbals

STEM in the Gorbals is an initiative designed, developed and delivered by local resident Saeeda Bhatti.

The initiative brings science, technology, engineering and maths to local young people through schools and community groups.

You awarded STEM £470 in August 2018 to allow the core group of children and their parents to attend a national science event.

Find out more here.

Gorbals Walking Group

Gorbals Walking Group meets every Thursday at St Francis Centre at 1.30pm. Most of the time the group go on local walks, however in May 2018 they asked you to fund them to go a little further afield.

You voted to award the group £500.00 to go to Loch Lomond on a led-walk with lunch. This meant a lot to members of the group, many of whom couldn't afford to do this otherwise.

The Friday Group

The Friday Group meet every Friday at 9.30am in the Community Room at 305 Caledonia Road.

The group is open to everyone, with an emphasis on providing a welcoming and friendly place for people new to the area.

You awarded the group £500.00 in May 2018 to part fund an outwards bound trip that would help members build their relationships and improve their happiness and health.

Lego Club

In 2018 you voted to support a new Lego Club based in Gorbals Library. The club is one of the first of it's kind in Glasgow and has proven a huge success.

In November 2019 you awarded the Club £900.00 to fund developments that will bring structured, family play sessions to the group.


If you are 6+ and want to take part why not head down to Gorbals Library every Saturday from 10.30am to 11.30am.

Glasgow Zine Library

Glasgow Zine Library is based in the Gorbals. It provides a place for people who self publish comics, magazines and other publications with a place to showcase their work.

The Zine community is very diverse, so to support their community the Zine Library asked for £250.00 to buy a ramp that would help make their premises accessible.


Getting it Right Gorbals.jpg
Getting it Right Gorbals

Getting it Right Gorbals is a brand new group set up by two local women.


In July 2021 you voted to support their idea which will bring much needed services and activities to the community for children with Additional Support Needs and their families.

Playscheme, afterschool activities and events will give families the chance to connect.

3 - The Halliday Foundation_edited.jpg
The Halliday Foundation

The Halliday Foundation is a new charity that works to address poverty and inequality.

In July 2012 you voted to support their work in the Gorbals where they support people living in local homelessness accommodation to live comfortably and prepare for moving to permanent homes.


SEAL is a community health project based in the Gorbals. For over 30 years SEAL has supported local people improve all aspects of their health.

You've awarded SEAL several grants since 2018. Most recently you've awarded them funds to deliver 'Move It' a programme of outdoor, Covid safe exercise classes and taster sessions designed to help people build their fitness and reconnect after the pandemic.

The Gorbalites

The Gorbalites 50+ Group are an active group older people living in the Gorbals. 

Activities and friendship help combat isolation and that's more important now than ever. In July 2021 you awarded the Gorbalites funding to develop and deliver a programme of Covid safe activities to reconnect members and encourage new people to get involved.

Sing for Gorbals.png
Givin' It Laldie

In October 2020 you awarded Givin' It Laldie £4,000 to help them develop their Gorbals Sings programme.

Gorbals Sings works with older people, those with dementia and their families helping them connect and find joy through music.

Sessions will be delivered online until it's safe for us all to be together again.


In Summer 2019 you awarded Bookbug £2310.00 to deliver a family fun day.

The event  brought together 100 families from across the community to enjoy outdoor play and activities. A picnic lunch was provided and the day was a great success.

Cultural Ceilidh

You funded Saeeda Bhatti, a local resident, to host a Cultural Ceilidh to the Gorbals.

You awarded her £500.00 which will mean local people have the opportunity to be trained in ceilidh workshops and deliver these across the community. The idea will help people understand more about how music and dance are connected to health and happiness!

Tower Cafe

Tower Cafe is run by local people for local people. It provides low-cost healthy food in a friendly atmosphere every Thursday 12.30 to 2.30pm at the Community Room, 305 Caledonia Road.

In February 2019 the group asked you to fund improvements to the cafe and allow them to take their regular users out for a social outing - and you did!

AFC Glasgow

AFC Glasgow is a football team based in the Gorbals. The team has only been going for a short time, but its has been really successful. 

Running a football team can be expensive, the team train once a week and play competitively once a week. To make sure this is accessible to every child, AFC Glasgow applied for funds to cover pitch hire in Aug 2018 and Feb 2019 and you voted to support them!

Oatlands Development Trust

Oatlands Development Trust was founding in 2011 and runs the Oatlands Community Hub.

Since the Hub opened in 2018 the Trust has been working hard to put on a programme of activity and events that engage the whole community.

In Feb 2019 you awarded Oatlands Development Trust £500.00 to fund health activities

Laurieston 50+ Group

Laurieston 50+ Group meet every Thursday at 12.30pm in Eglington Street where they have lunch together and take part in bingo and other activities.

The group asked you to provide some funding for them to get out and about and have different experiences to boost their health and happiness. You did!

So far the group has been to the theatre, Largs and enjoyed Christmas Lunch together.

Oatlands Leisure Garden

Oatlands Leisure Garden provides small plots for local residents to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Starting out as an allotment holder can be expensive. Oatlands Leisure Gardens secured funds for communal tools to give new allotment holders access to what they need without the cost.

Kindness in the Community

Kindness Street Team is a new Glasgow based charity helping folk in need.

In July 2021 you voted to support their new project in the Gorbals which will see them recruit and train local volunteers to support other local people from the recovery community, those affected by homelessness and income inequality.

Gorbals Youth Cafe.jpg
Gorbals Youth Cafe

The Gorbals Youth Cafe deliver activities and group sessions for local young people.


In July 2021 you voted to support the project add to their existing summer programme by bringing in exiting activities for 180 local young people.


The Friends of Southern Necropolis is a voluntary group working to preserve the heritage of the Southern Necropolis.

Throughout the pandemic they have been keeping the community engaged through their Live from our Living Room sessions. In July 2021 you awarded them money to build on this and create a project to celebrate the talents and strengths of local people!

Active Fifties

There are three 50+ accommodations in the Gorbals. You voted to fund the Active Fifties project that works with residents in these homes to develop activities that build social connections and happiness.

Your funding will allow residents the chance to take part in arts and crafts sessions, therapy sessions and learning opportunities whilst building friendships and community. 

Blackfriars Parent Council

You've funded Blackfriars Parent Council twice. On the first occasions you gave the Council £1800 to deliver cultural celebrations for the school and wider community.

In October 2020 you awarded them £4,000 to develop a poly tunnel in the playground to teach families about growing food all year round!

TASK Nursery

In Summer 2019 you awarded TASK Nursery £3,000 to help them build an outside creative play space for children and families.

Nursery staff made sure the children were involved in the development of the space from beginning to end and the end result is a fabulous outdoor place where families can play and learn together.

St Francis PTG

St Francis Parent Teacher Group do a lot of great things. You've supported 3 of their ideas; a community day, the football team and their family fun programme.

The Community Day was a great success. It was open to everyone living in the area and helped build connections across the community. The PTG hope that their Family Fun Programme will build on this.

Gorbals Girls Group

Children 1st provide services for local families and young people including the Gorbals Girls Group - a group of local primary school girls experiencing challenges.

In Feb 2019 you awarded the group £1850.00 to go on a trip to Edinburgh where they met the First Minister.

Vicious Productions

Vicious is a comedy musical written by local resident Jeanette Hill.

Jeanette wanted to highlight the issues currently affecting people in society, particularly people accessing health benefits and the women who have been heavily impacted by the changes to state pension entitlement.

Vicious takes a look at all of this, but in an enjoyable way! The play ran from 27th to 30th March 2019 to sell out audiences and rave reviews. Find out more here.

Oatlands Gate Allotment

Oatlands Gate Allotments provide local people the opportunity to grow their own food in their own plot.

In May 2018 you funded Oatlands Gate Allotments to  visit other sites across Glasgow to find out about new ways of growing food and building networks.

The trips were a great success with over 30 people taking part.

Crafty Sew n Sews

Crafty Sew n Sews meets every Wednesday at 10.30am in Gorbals Library. This group of local women share their skills in sewing, embroidery and other crafts. The group sells their creations at local fairs with all the funds raised going back into supporting their activities.

You awarded Crafty Sew n Sews funds in May 2018 to purchase an embroidery machine to help them make their creations even more unique.

Better Buddy Fitness

Better Buddy Fitness is run by local resident Leroy Skeels. Leroy is a fully qualified fitness coach and is passionate about all aspects of health.

Leroy asked you to award him £500.00 to fund equipment for an outdoor fitness class that will be low-cost and open to whole families.

Gorbals Men's Shed

The Gorbals Men's Shed was set up by local men in March 2018. The group is a safe space and place where men can make friends, learn new skills and be part of a community.

You've awarded the group 4 grants, helping them provide  activities for their members including funding for tools and equipment, food and activities, and most recently to develop a health and wellbeing programme.

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