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Our Funding

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New Gorbals Housing Association support our work by applying for funding on our behalf to employ support staff and secure a Participatory Budgeting fund for the area. The Association also contributes to the fund on quarterly basis - over £10,000 to date!

In 2019 we were delighted to secure support from the National Lottery Community Fund. The funding award will allow us to continue to grow and develop with the support of our Community Budgeting Officer.

In 2019 we secured investment from the Scottish Government Investing in Communities Fund. The Fund secures our Participatory Budgeting fund for 3 years, to 2022.

Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership contributed £10,000 to the Participatory Budgeting pot in 2018/19 and 2019/20. The Partnership will continue to invest in our model, contributing £20,000 to support Participatory Budgeting in 2020/21.

Urban Union is a housing development company currenlty building new homes in the Laurieston Neighbourhood of the Gorbals. In 2019/20 Urban Union contributed £5,000 to our funding pot allowing new ideas and projects to be funded under our 'Our Place' funding round.

Past Funds

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Funding from the Scottish Government and European Social Fund Aspiring Communities Fund provided the resource to employ a Community Budgeting Officer from 2017 to 2019. This day-to-day support helped us develop the unique model of Participatory Budgeting that we continue to develop.

We received £34,950.00 from the Scottish Government Community Choices Fund in 2017 to help us embed Participatory Budgeting in the Gorbals.

This money has allowed you and other community members to fund more than 20 local projects between 2017 and 2018.

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