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Reconnect Fund

We are excited to bring you Reconnect, our first funding round of 2021.

Reconnect is your opportunity to help the Gorbals thrive in 2021 and combat some of the the negative impacts of Covid-19 (Coronavirus). The last year has been difficult for everyone but as we move towards a more normal way of life we want to give you the chance to bring some joy and community spirit back to the Gorbals!

In partnership with Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership we are making a total of £30,000 available to support ideas, activities and projects that will help people reconnect and recover after Covid.

There are 4 priority areas that we'd like to tackle:

  • Social isolation & loneliness

  • Physical health & wellbeing

  • Mental health & wellbeing

  • Income inequality & poverty


You can read more about these priorities in our application guidance.


Constituted groups and organisations can apply for up to £4,000 and individual or informal groups can apply for up to £500.00.

This is our biggest funding pot ever, but we believe the events of the last year need a big response and that response should be led by the community.


You can download the application guidance and forms below in both PDF and Word formats. It is really important that you read the Guidance and complete the correct application form for the funding level you require.

Application Guidance

Application Up to £500.00

Application Up to £501 to £4000.00

Guidance Image.png
Application 2 Image.png
Application 1 Image.png
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