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Measuring Up...

We were delighted when the Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC) came along to our Community Voting event on 29 June 2019 to launch the Participatory Budgeting Charter for Scotland. We'd been involved in the development of the Charter and were pleased to see that many of our suggestions had been taken into consideration in the final draft.

So, we thought, now we have a Charter that sets out what good Participatory Budgeting is, let's make sure our model measures up!

Over the course of July we worked together to reflect on what the Gorbals Ideas Fund has delivered, we analysed our work against the seven key features of PB as set out in the Charter and used our analysis to plan future developments.

We've set out our results in a report 'Measuring Up...Scotland's PB Charter and The Gorbals Ideas Fund' which we will update each year to make sure we are delivering the best possible Participatory Budgeting for the Gorbals community.

You can read the report here.

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