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Get set to spend £60,000...

...and support some great ideas from local Gorbals people!

We're really excited to open this round of Community Voting. It's the first time we've ever had such a large amount of money to support ideas and it's the first time ever that this money will support only the ideas from local people!

It's been a long process, we started gathering ideas in January 2022 and have been working with the people who posted the most popular ideas on Your Priorities site, since May to help them develop and cost their ideas and link in to groups and organisations that could help.

During the development process we found that two ideas (Sanctuary Gardens & Growing Spaces) were so similar that it made sense to merge them.

We also found that the total award of £60,000 wouldn't be in anyway near enough money to deliver the sort of Community Facility people in the area want. So, when you go to the voting page, you'll see this costed at £0.00 - this means everyone who thinks we need a new, modern, flexible community space can support the idea and help kick-start a consultation and campaign to give our community what it wants and needs now, and in years to come!

The final idea that has been changed from the original is the idea for a Gorbals Market. Our Community Advocates and everyone we spoke to loved this idea, however when we costed it and thought about how it would be co-ordinated we felt it was very expensive and wouldn't necessarily lead to the outcomes we want to deliver. After lots of consideration and discussion we decided that a good first step would be to support local people who have an ambition to learn or build on their creative skills through training and education. Creative learning courses can be very expensive and aren't supported by education grants, that's why we've put forward the idea of a Gorbals Creates Fund - a fund that local people can apply to, to fund creative learning.

You can find out more about all of the ideas looking for your support here.

Finally, if you are 8+ and live in the Gorbals make sure to cast your vote at

and help us make the Gorbals an even better place to live!

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