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And the winners are...

Thank you so much to all 500 people who voted in our first Community Vote of 2021! We were thrilled that so many of you took the time to have your say.

You'll no doubt be interested to know which of the amazing ideas were successful in their bids and what sort of great things you can expect to see coming to the Gorbals over the next 12 months!

You voted for:

  • Reconnect through Play - Adelphi Nursery

  • Reconnect and Recharge - DAWSUN

  • Silverfir Super Seniors

  • Unity in Community - Friends of Southern Necropolis

  • Gorbalites Together - Gorbalites

  • Care & Share - The Halliday Foundation

  • Supportive Play - Getting in Right in Gorbals

  • Make it Happen - SEAL

  • Go Active - Way to Go Youth Cafe

  • Team Jinky

These projects totaled £27588.00, and as you know we had £30,000 to spend. So we offered the remaining £2,412.00 to the next most voted for project, Kindness in Community and they accepted! So, there are a total of 11 new ideas coming to the area!

We were delighted to see such a great mix of ideas receiving support and some brand new projects getting a boost because of you, the voters. In an ideal world we'd loved to fund all of the ideas that come across our desk and we'll be working with the projects who weren't successful this time to find out how else we might be able to help them!

Thanks again for taking the time to vote, we hope you're happy with the results!

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