In January this year we launched Your Priorities because we wanted to give local people even more control of how our funding is used to improve the Gorbals. Rather than just voting for ideas from groups and services, Your Priorities gives local people a chance to share THEIR ideas and, with the support of others, have the chance to bring their ideas to life.

We decided to support this process with £60,000, our largest ever budget, to make sure that everyone could dream big! From January to April 2022 we asked local people to post their ideas on the new platform and invited anyone who lived in the Gorbals to sign up and show their support for the ideas they thought would make the biggest difference to our community.

A total of 29 ideas were posted by local people and over 200 people signed up and voted for their favourite ideas. Those ideas with the most votes moved on to stage 2 - Ideas Development & Costing. 

Stage 2 is well underway, we've held lots of community meetings and conducted lots of surveys to make sure everyone in our community has the chance to help shape these ideas, and we've called in the experts too, just to make sure everything people want can be delivered.


When we've completed the work to explore, develop and cost all of the ideas we'll be launching a BIG Community Vote, to give everyone aged 8 and over living in the Gorbals the chance to decide which of the ideas should be funded.

Befriending Service

A befriending service would link local volunteers with local people experiencing loneliness. Volunteers would help people get involved in things they are interested in, helping them to build new friendships and confidence.

For people who are housebound the service would provide some company and chat on a weekly basis!

Community Football

Would your kids like to attend fun football classes? This idea would bring football to local children and young people, from toddler to teens!



Would you like a nice relaxing space to chill out and unwind? Somewhere local that felt peaceful to take 10 minutes our of your day for you?

This idea would develop a Sanctuary Space in the area to promote health and wellbeing.



Are you a local maker or would you like to support local makers?


This idea for a Gorbals Market would provide a platform for local people to sell their crafts, makes and bakes.

Community Hub

Do you think the Gorbals needs a new Community Facility, somewhere for groups to meet and activities to take place?

This idea would bring a new community hub to the area. 



Do you want to tread the board, or do you just want to do something fun and creative in the Gorbals?

This idea would bring a community drama class back to the Gorbals.



Would you like to see a well-being hub in the Gorbals? A place to find out about all of the health and well-being activities you can take part in across the area?

This idea would bring a range of health and well-being activities to the area and create a one-stop source of information to help you get involved in the things you like.



Are you a skilled artist or someone who would like to learn more about the art of paining and drawing?

This idea would bring a weekly art group to the Gorbals to help local artists connect and local people build skills.



Would you like to see a Community Cinema in the Gorbals? A way to see movies with your family and friends at an affordable price?

This idea would bring a mobile, community cinema to the area.

Growing Spaces

Do you think we could be making better use of vacant land and space? Could we set it up as growing spaces to give local people the chance to grow their own food?

This idea would do just that!

Repair &

Reuse Group

Are you passionate about reducing waste? Do you think we should repair more and throw out less? Maybe you have skills you'd like to share with others to help them save money and save the planet?

This idea would bring a repair and reuse group to the area to help people share skills, exchange unwanted goods and repair everything from socks to electrical goods!

Community Pantry

A Community Pantry is a dignified response to food insecurity. It gives people access to food at extremely reduced costs but also choice!

The Pantry would make use of donated, surplus food so means less food waste too!