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Communities Know Best

My name is Zsara and I use she/they pronouns. (If you are unsure what this means you can find out how and why to use someone's chosen pronouns here: Understanding Pronouns | LGBT Life Center.)

I’ve stayed in the Gorbals for 7 years, after living in other parts of Glasgow. I love living here and feel really lucky to have the Rose Garden and the library nearby.

I joined the panel at the end of 2020. I’ve been involved with community projects and campaigns across the city for a number of years, but the amazing local responses to the pandemic inspired me to participate more locally.

I’m excited to be part of the Your Priorities launch because with the amazing help of Jo, we’ve developed a supportive process where everyone in the Gorbals can have a voice. Posting on the open platform means that you can see what other ideas are out there, and connect with other folk experiencing similar issues or who have similar ideas.

The platform is easy enough to get the hang of, especially if you already use social media, but we’ll be putting out some how-to resources and can be on-hand to help.

Our previous projects looked at distributing funding to our amazing local groups who have been doing great work – especially during this challenging period. This time we wanted to take extra steps to involve people who may not already be part of an established group to share their idea without having to worry about having the experience or resources to deliver it themselves.

This inclusive process helps value everyone’s ideas – big or small.

No one knows what the Gorbals needs more than the people who live here.

We’ve all got ideas about what would make the Gorbals a better place to live – sharing them on the Your Priorities platform gives you the opportunity to find like-minded people who can support your idea to g

et to the next stage. If it’s popular, and meets our criteria, we can help develop the idea into a reality by helping with costing, planning and getting the right people on board.

It’s important to remember that it doesn’t matter who you are, what age you are, or how long you have lived here. This is your community, and your ideas are valuable.


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