Your Priority 2021 brings a new type of participatory budgeting to the Gorbals.

Instead of voting for specific ideas from people and projects, you are voting to decide on a

community priority for 2021.


We've identified 12 priority issues, things the community have already told us can make it difficult for them, their friends, family and neighbours to get involved in everything the area has to offer and we need your help to decide which of these issues should be our focus for 2021. Scroll down to read more about each issue.


We're asking you to vote for ONE issue, the issue you think is the most important for us to overcome in 2021. We will dedicate £10,000 to the issue that receives the most votes and invite local people, groups and organisations to work with us and each other, to develop and deliver action and activities that begin to address the issue.

​If you are over 8 years old and live in the Gorbals you can vote for your priority at

We know it will be difficult to choose one issue because they are all very important, but as a small team of mainly volunteers with limited funds we want to be able to work with the community and make a real difference. We plan to tackle as many of the barriers and challenges people face over the coming months and years, so please choose the issue you think is most important right now. 


If you are concerned about something that isn't on the list, please tell us about it here.


Some people don't have access to the internet or the skills to use the internet. This can make it difficult to find out what is going on and stay connected to family and friends. With more services delivered online there's a chance people may miss out even more.


Some people would like better transport links within the Gorbals. Older people, those who find it difficult to walk long distances and some people who prefer not to walk out at night may be missing out on activities that could improve their life.


People who have a physical disability can find it difficult to access events and activities that don't have adapted facilities. Even getting from one area to another can be difficult if pavements are high and uneven. This means some people may be unable to take part in things that are help in venues that aren't accessible.


Mental health and well-being is really important to keep us all feeling happy and healthy. Unfortunately some people may feel uneasy taking part in things if they aren't feeling mentally well and could be missing out on events and activities that could help them feel better.


Physical health issues can make it difficult for people to take part. They may be concerned that they won't be able to attend things regularly or think others won't understand. This may make it difficult for people to get involved.


Parents and carers with children or those looking after adult relatives or friends can find it hard to take part in things. It can be difficult to find someone to take over caring and have some time for themselves. This can make it hard to get involved.

Loneliness &

Loneliness and social isolation make it very difficult for people to take part in community life. Feeling alone can impact people's confidence and motivation when taking part in new things or meeting new people which can lead people to feel even more lonely.

Income Inequality & Poverty

Worrying about money and finances can make it really difficult to get involved in things. Even things that cost very little can be impossible for people to access, sometimes free activities still require tools, equipment or clothing, money that some people may not have.

English as a Second Language

Translation and interpreting services can be very expensive so it's often difficult for events and activities to be 100% inclusive, This can make it very difficult for people who speak little or no English to get involved in community life.

Stigma & Judgement

Some people fear they could be judged by other people because of their circumstances. The feeling that you may not be understood or treated equally can be a real barrier to taking part in new things and meeting new people.

Confidence & Self  Esteem

There are many reasons why people lack confidence are fearful of getting involved in new things and meeting new people. Fear of feeling stupid, not being part of the group or being accepted can be a real challenge that means some people are missing out.

Visual & Hearing Impairment

Very few groups and services have the tools and funds to make sure the communication needs of people who have a visual or hearing impairment are included when planning activities. This can make it difficult for people affected to know what's happening in the community and take part as they'd like.

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