It's been a difficult 14 months for everyone, there have been fewer opportunities to do the things we enjoy and so some people have become more isolated which we know impacts on mental and physical health. There's been fewer opportunities to do the things we enjoy and for some people the cost of the pandemic has been financial - some have lots their jobs, have seen their wages drop or just experienced higher food and fuel bills because we've all been at home much more than usual.

We've made £30,000 available through our Reconnect Fund 2021 to help local people and group find ways to help the Gorbals community reconnect after Covid to combat some of the isolation and loneliness we know people have experienced, whilst improving their mental and physical health and well-being and their access to things that might help them recover financially. 

Below you can read about the ideas and activities people and projects have put forward. You can then vote for your favourite ideas, or the ones you think would have the biggest impact on our community and the people who live here at https//

Unity in the Community

Getting it Right Gorbals

Hair & Care

Make It Happen

Gorbalites Together

Gorbals Arts & Action

Silverfir Super Seniors

Run for Recovery

Reconnect Through Play

Reconnecting Gorbals

Go Active

Kindness in the Community

Team Jinky

Remember to cast your vote at: