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At the start of 2020 the GIF Community Panel got together to think about how our initiative could have the biggest possible impact on the Gorbals community. We were in the process of planning new and exciting developments that we felt would take us closer to our vision:

A Gorbals Ideas Fund that creates opportunities for local people to influence the funding and budget decisions that impact on our lives and our communities.

We had planned to do this by mixing more traditional community events with new ways of working. Our aim was to give local people the opportunity to decide how funding would be spent to address a community priority. But then, as for everyone, things just stopped.

It has been and continues to be a very strange time for everyone - I'm writing this from my kitchen table, having just come back to work after 14 weeks of furlough!

Many of us have never experienced a crisis quite like this, and for all of us it means doing things differently, changing our behaviour and getting used to new ways of working.

Over the next few months the Gorbals Ideas Fund will be getting back to work. We want to make sure the funding we hold can have a real impact across the community, and provide opportunities to test and support new ways of working that give us all a chance to come together and reconnect.

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