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8, 18 or 80? What's your idea?

Did you know that anyone who lives in the Gorbals can take part in Your Priorities?

The Your Priorities Platform is for everyone! It doesn't matter if you are 8, 18 or 80 your ideas and your opinions are really important.

We know that different people want different things from the place they live. If you're young you might want to have more fun things to do outside of school. If you're an adult you might want something to do on a weekend, or you might have an idea that would get the whole community involved.

By sharing your idea on Your Priorities you can find like minded people who s, people who support your idea, or you might find just the right person with the right skills and experience to help make your idea a reality.

There's £60,000 available to support the most popular ideas as voted for by the community, so your idea really could become a reality! Don't worry if you don't have the skills and experience to develop and deliver your idea, we're here to help with all of that.

If you don't have an idea of your own you can still get involved. The ideas with the most support are the ones that could become real, and with £60,000 up for grabs it's really important that you have your say!

Click the button below to go straight to Your Priorities or have a look at our walk through videos here: to find out everything you need to know about posting and supporting ideas!

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