£20,000 for 2020 IDEAS

You have £20,000 to spend to support ideas from local groups and individuals that will bring new and exciting activities and developments to the Gorbals. There are 13 amazing ideas looking for your vote and we're delighted to showcase them here!

Unfortunately due to the current health crisis and government guidelines we can't have a voting event, so all votes are gathered through our online platform: www.vote.gorbalsideas.org.uk.  If you know someone who would like to be able to vote but doesn't have access to the internet contact Jo on 0141 429 3900 for some help and advice.

Successful ideas will have 12 months to spend their funds, so whilst everyone has adapted their idea to make sure it fits with government guidelines and keeps people safe, we all hope that a return to normal face to face activity will begin again during the funding period.

Take some time to read the ideas below then head to www.vote.gorbalsideas.org.uk to cast your votes!

Winners will be announced on Wednesday 28 October 2020 at 6pm on Facebook and Twitter.

TASK - Learn & Grow

With your support TASK will upgrade their outdoor play area to encourage more parents to take part in their outdoor learning programme.

Outdoor learning is really important, it gives families the chance to play and learn together, helps them connect with nature and the environment and gives children the chance to build self confidence and strength.

The work will be delivered in partnership with children, their parents & carers, as well as TASK staff to make sure it meets everyone's needs.


Giggle n Grow would like your support to add to their programme of fun and educational activities for pre-school children and their families across Gorbals. Messy Play sessions give children the chance to explore their senses and have fun tasting, smelling and feeling all sorts of different things!

This sort of play is crucial to a child's development and, as they are free, give ALL families the chance to take part, build connections and get involved in community life.

Givin' it laldie -

gorbals sings!

Givin' It Laldie run a whole range of musical groups across the Gorbals. With your support they will expand on their work with older people and people living with dementia and their families.

Gorbals Sings will deliver two things:

The Laldie Session - uplifting, therapeutic singing sessions; and

Step into my Parlour - outreach singing sessions delivered in retirement housing and inviting residents to share stories, reminisce and sing their 'party piece'.

loretto housing -

active fifties

Livingwell Clubs have been running in 50+ accommodation across the community and have been really successful in bringing older people together and tackling isolation. Residents have taken part in Italian Classes, singing classes and trips to the Gorbals daytime disco!

With your support the Clubs will be able to develop, continuing to provide exercise classes, social activities and learning opportunities to help older people live happily, healthily and well.

gorbals imagination library -

free books for kids

The Gorbals Imagination Library is a partnership of local organisations who work with Dolly Parton's Imagination Library to provide a FREE book each month to children aged 0-2 who live in the Gorbals. With your vote they will be able to extend this to children aged 3 and 4 too.

All of the funding will go towards books with Dolly Parton's Imagination Library covering all other costs.

laurieston day nursery - play & learn

Laurieston Nursery is unfortunately losing much of their play equipment due to essential work that has to be carried out by Glasgow City Council.


With your support the nursery will be able to replace and improve on the outdoor play equipment and resources children have access to and be able to build a programme of outdoor learning for local families.

South community recovery network -

recover & Reconnect

Scottish Community Recovery Network is run by volunteers with lived experience of recovery and overcoming many barriers throughout their lives.

With your support the Network will develop and deliver a programme of men's well-being sessions to connect with those in recovery from drug and alcohol use, building positive social networks, improving health and wellbeing and life skills. Activities planned include mindfulness, budgeting skills and communication skills workshops.

friends of southern necropolis - life in the city of the dead

The Friends of Southern Necropolis want to bring LIFE to the City of the Dead. The Necropolis is the largest unique greenspace in the Gorbals providing opportunities for residents and visitors  to learn more about the culture, history and heritage of the Gorbals.

With your support the group will deliver fun sessions for young people and families that include singing, creative writing and musical experiences and develop the 'Dead You Know' character trail, highlighting the many prominent people buried in the Necropolis.

glasgow life - young at heart club

Glasgow Life want to bring their Young at Heart Club to the Gorbals. The Club has been a huge success in other areas of the city, giving older people the opportunity to get together and take part in phyiscal and learning activities.

With your support the Young at Heart Club will be delivered from St Francis Centre and Gorbals Library and will bring a programme of Tai Chi, leisure activities such as card and board games and social activities such as reminiscence sessions to the Gorbals.

The Club will also provide volunteering opportunities for local people.

REal ears are listening - Craft for Wellbeing

Real Ears are Listening is an informal group run by local woman Melissa Gillen. It focuses on mental health and wellbeing through mindfulness, relaxation and grounding activities.

The Group runs very successfully on a Tuesday evening and after consulting with the community. With your support Melissa now wants to set up sessions on a Friday. These sessions will involve lots of practical, therapeutic activities such as soap making which means they are accessible to all, regardless of communication needs and abilities.

The Gorbalites - Cooking for Health

The Gorbalites 50+ Group runs every Monday and Wednesday in St Francis Hall. With your support the group wants to expand on the activities they provide to members.

Healthy & Happy Cooking sessions will give members new information about healthy eating, raise awarenss of the importance and availability of fresh ingredients and provide a new fun way for members to engage and get to know one another.

seal - baby yoga

SEAL want your support to add to their programme of health & wellbeing activity across the Gorbals.

Calm Baby & You will bring a programme of FREE baby massage and baby yoga to local parents, carers and their babies.

These sessions have lots of phyiscal benefits for babies, inlcluding strenghthening and toning muscles as well as promoting relaxation and improved sleep. Parents and carers benefit from tools that help soothe and calm their baby whilst building great bonds and connections.

Blackfriars Parent Council - Grow for it!

Blackfriars Parent Council want your help to make improvements to the childrens playground that will benefit the whole community. 

They will use funds to build a poly tunnel within the school grounds giving children and parents the chance to grow food together and learn new skills as a family. Poly tunnels make gardening an all year round activity, meaning families will have fresh fruit and vegetables all year round.